Pete Davies’ Thrilling Debut Novel: The Mallorcan Bookseller

The last month I really have been guilty of neglecting my blog due to a job hunt that has finally, and not before a lot of sweat and tears come to fruition! In between all of those stressful job applications, I of course made time for a new book to maintain some semblance of sanity. You guessed it, it is called; The Mallorcan Bookseller! This is a novel in which Pete Davies has really perfected his flow. I have found this all the more impressive considering it is his debut novel, with more promised for the future which is always exciting when you find an author you get on with!

The Mallorcan Bookseller has been an undeniably refreshing read, and one that I was able to really lose myself in whilst not requiring too much brain power. Come to think of it, the perfect holiday read, which I know is a little sad for me to write in light of the World we find ourselves in. That said, my sofa, a hot chocolate or 10 (over the period in which I read this book) and a fluffy blanket after a long walk at the end of the day served me just as well as any sun lounger, or, hot tub in the Alps would have, depending on which way you’re inclined.

Pete Davies – The Mallorcan Bookseller

‘It was a stand off… He tried to gauge the look in his eyes, but saw only grey steely eyes looking back at him. One thing was for sure. Sonny wasn’t frightened of anyone or anything.’


The narrative maps a few interwoven stories putting into action the Police Force, a security company and an organised crime gang with a base in Armenia and ties to India. It isn’t hard to see how this story has the potential for so much more than this initial novel! Davies really has ticked a lot of boxes for me by creating a story which speaks to the value of friendship and family whilst not losing sight of everything that makes The Mallorcan Bookseller such a thrilling read. Located in none other than the beautiful Mallorca (of course!), Davies makes sure to tap into locations that those of you who have visited Palma City will recognise, such as Bar 13%, a lovely little wine bar close to Passeig del Born. Accuracy of information is a theme demonstrated throughout and one which provides a very real portrayal of current firearms used by criminal gangs, those used by Organised Crime Units and what Detective work might involve. Davies utilises his extensive experience from his Career in the Police Force specifically in the Detective and Firearms fields to depict a true and fascinating picture of these areas.

I found this book absolutely captivating; the compelling sense of location coupled with a high level of attention to detail throughout the novel really brought it all to life for me. I’ll leave the mystery of who the Bookseller is for you to find out when you give the book a go… I couldn’t recommend it enough and am really excited to see where Pete Davies decides to takes his characters next. Honestly, there is so much more I could say about all the revelations the book has within it and the fantastic character development brought into play, but as a rule of thumb I try to keep my blogs a little shorter these days, so not to scare you, my readers off when you see a whole page of text!


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