Robert Goddard: A Mastermind of the Plot Twist

In light of The Undoing, the latest HBO series which aired last month, I thought I’d dedicate this blog to none other than Robert Goddard, a mastermind in creating ACTUAL plot twists! I won’t pretend that Harry and I didn’t watch The Undoing religiously every Monday from start to finish so this isn’t me trying to knock it. However, it is arguably a TV show where the plot twist is that there is no plot twist. Therefore, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want the author, play write or screenplay writer to deliver impossibilities in whatever mystery they have fabricated. Goddard is such a novelist, so if plot twist is what you’re after, plot twist is what you’ll get!

Goddard, like many of my other favourite authors, offers a wide selection of novels, being in the game for a fair few years now. I personally love a novel consisting of history, crime and mystery in equal measure and Goddard manages to intertwine all three brilliantly, which always makes for a thrilling read!

Robert Goddard – Sight Unseen

Every step he took led him further into a labyrinth of lies. For every one he nailed there was another waiting to deceive him.’


I have read a few of Goddard’s books, but Sight Unseen was the first I tried and fell in love with. Goddard is an author you have to pay attention to if you want to fully appreciate the plot twists that will inevitably come. A cuddle up in front of the fire read, not a late night read; difference being, you’re sat up and fully invested! He never fails to deliver a novel full of complex storytelling supplemented by an always fascinating historical backdrop – another common denominator amongst my favourite authors.

An unsolved crime dating back 23 years… Sight Unseen follows PHD Student David Umber, who is conducting research into the letters of “Junius,” the pseudonymous eighteenth century polemicist, and Chief Inspector George Sharp as they try to piece together the abduction of Tasmin Hall, a two year old girl. 23 years on and, Goddard and Sharp team up once more in a last ditch attempt of sorts to find real answers regarding the girl who was never found. Goddard paints a dramatic picture of the Hall family breakdown, all the while taking you on his journey of never ending questions for the multiple leads and suspects in the years following the child’s abduction. Goddard’s ability to keep you guessing as to who the culprit is for the entirety of the book is why I find his writing sooooo gripping!


I have just started one of his other novels, ‘Closed Circle’ and I shouldn’t do this without completing it, but so far so good


I have finished and it was as fantastic as I knew it’d be!


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