The Mountains

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever actually write this blog. Every time I tried to begin I ended up going off-piste, so to speak and getting lost in endless photos and videos. My laptop would sit in front of me for 2 hours before I’d finally admit defeat, waving farewell to my evening, hijacked by a very dedicated trip down memory lane of the winter just gone. Today my phone has been placed at a safe distance so writing can commence undisturbed.

Why I love the Mountains

My favourite time in the mountains has to be winter. There is nothing like having a day out on the slopes, followed by getting comfy in front of a fire, a new pair of fluffy socks on (dry ones, not your wet ski socks) and a hot chocolate in hand. For me, being in the mountains isn’t just the crisp air, that almost bites, the blanket of white covering everything, or even the incomparable feeling of bombing it down a piste, slightly out of control. It’s not getting a little over confident, flying off piste only to go splat in snow so deep, it takes not one, but two of your mates to drag you out and manhandle you back into your skis. It’s the atmosphere, for me. Being in the mountains is the most refreshing, I’d go as far as to say meditative, holiday I think you can go on.

A trip in the mountains

The above feeling, I would say is most akin to the majority of ski days I had in Morzine, this winter gone. Mine and Harry’s first, and hopefully not last, ski season (this is my first subtle hint to aforementioned boyfriend that we will be returning to the mountains for a season).

I hadn’t skied for years, and was dreading being the one to hold everyone up. Thank god for my boss who took me under his wing and gave me a lesson free of charge on our first ski day. I was too slow even for his very young son, who bombed past me like it was all a walk in the park. Whilst packed full of hard work, my season was also the making of some of my fondest memories. The food, for one. If nothing else is clear from my blog by now, it is that I adoreeee food! I can promise with 100% assurances that the best food in the world is made in the mountains. I’m not even joking when I say the altitude actually makes things taste better. This is a fact; watch Gordon Ramsay’s Uncharted Series, Episode 1 for confirmation.

Tartiflette, French Patisserie’s (La Bonbonnière if you fancy giving Morzine a try) and of course the Cheeseboards, which in turn leads me to all things alcoholic…. Of course, France is known for wine, but there is nothing quite like a beer on the mountain (Chez Nannon, Nyon & La Folie Douce, Avoriaz – my personal favourites). Aside from the food, it’s the people that make a mountain holiday so bloody glorious, excuse my French; I’m getting excited just writing about it all. What really made my season, were the people I lived with in France. I cannot wait to be back in an airport with them, heading back out to our happy place, snow or sun.

My mountain wish list

Someone out there, if you feel like buying me tickets to these destinations as a Christmas present, I’d be eternally grateful. If not, I understand, and will continue to dream until the second we get the all clear from Boris and I can make it happen… on a slightly sad budget, nonetheless. Mountains are mountains.

  1. Banff, Canada
  2. Queenstown, New Zealand
  3. The Three Valleys, France
  4. Hokkaido, Japan
  5. Morzine, France – always on my wish list

This post was an entry for The Alikats’ Dream of Mountains Challenge.



  1. November 19, 2020 / 10:50 pm

    Lovely article Abi and i am completley with you that there is nothing like the magic of the mountains!

    • November 19, 2020 / 11:21 pm

      Fingers crossed we can go back soon!

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