The Scottish Highlands

Lockdown number 2 is well and truly upon us, which means time to escape down the rabbit hole that is my library of limitless pictures of what I’m now referring to as ‘the golden age’ aka the pre-Covid era. On that note, I felt it only right to try and put somewhere in this country on the map for when we’re at the very least able to travel within the UK again!

Climbing Ben Nevis

One of this UK’s highest mountains boasting stunning scenery and lakes, Ben Nevis was of course a highlight of the trip for me. Any walker or mountaineering enthusiast, add Ben Nevis to your list of ‘to dos’. It took us 6 hours to summit and walk back down again, where waiting is the Ben Nevis Inn. Served here on tap is possibly the yummiest lager I’ve ever had – the glasses said Cairngorn, so I guess it must have been that! We were so wiped out that we didn’t eat there but did go back on a later day of the week to get a bite to eat, and I couldn’t recommend it more. Hearty food, friendly staff and a mountain to look out over whilst enjoying it all!

Isle of Skye Fairy Pools

I don’t think the Fairy Pools could be more aptly named, the Isle of Skye does feel a little bit surreal, you forget that you’re in the United Kingdom and not New Zealand. Mountains tower round the long and windy roads. On reaching the fairy pools there is a long stream that seems to come from somewhere unseen, right down to the path at the bottom of the valley. I won’t lie, it isn’t the warmest water, but it doesn’t take long for your blood to get going when you’re gorge walking and scrambling over the rocks to get to the next pool. Harry and I love nothing more than to find a good spot for a spot of cliff jumping, and we most definitely got this out of our systems here. Harry went higher than me, so he won on that front. Then again he is yet to complete a back flip off of one of the rocks so it was a toss-up for who came out the victor of that little competition… I’m sure his parents were cringing through every moment of our attempts to go one better than the other.

Inchree Falls

Stumbling upon this place by pure chance in a leaflet we picked up god knows where we couldn’t resist the promise of Red Squirrels, silly beautiful views and a number of impressive waterfalls. It didn’t disappoint. We rushed back to our Lodge, chucked the wetsuits in the car, and made straight for the bottom of the waterfalls. Somehow it was ours and ours alone for hours. Cliff jumping, gorge walking, hiking, all the good stuff.

So there, you have it, the places that have stuck in my mind most.

Just a little disclaimer that I’m by no means claiming to be the most clued up guide on the Scottish Highlands, I was there for the small time-span of 5 days. I’m quite certain that I didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all that Scotland has to offer, and on that basis am desperate to drive up again as soon as Boris allows it. So this blog is more of a testament to the beauty of the few places I did visit!


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