Jessie Burton: The Confession

Now of course, book clubs can’t happen right now, at least not as we have always known them; in person and a bottle of wine or 3 at the ready. However there is no reason all of this can’t be achieved virtually. Therefore here is my favourite book / author I have read this month and would recommend to any book clubs out there still very much in operation. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Jessie Burton – The Confession

“all the women I know who’ve left long-term relationships in their thirties checked out of it long before they actually did. They went through all the grief when they were still together with the guy. Played through all the scenarios, processed their feelings – so when the split actually happened, they just felt light and free. Men take it worse. They pretend not to, but they do. They haven’t laid any preparations”


A real page turner, forgive me for the expression, but it is! I finished it in 3 days, and believe it or not, that was with me forcing myself to go as slow with it as possible! The Confession follows a young woman, Rose, as she attempts to find her illusive Mother who performed a disappearing act before she can remember, and in course, herself. The narrative flicks between the past and present, 1980s Los Angeles and modern-day London, as the story of Rose’s Mother is unveiled, piece by piece. Whilst, yes this book is about estranged relationships and the damage they can cause, Burton offers so much more than that. There are so many sub-stories woven within the narrative that stands centre stage. Relationships; romantic and familial, success, failure, depression and pregnancy to name a few. It’s impossible to not be absolutely captivated by Burton’s writing. That said, I would also highly recommend her other 2 novels, The Miniaturist, which since release has been turned into a BBC TV series (I’m yet to watch), and The Muse.


“Words are water in this city. One drop of rumour could drown us.”


“Do you have a body if there is no one there to touch it? I suppose you do, but sometimes it felt like I didn’t. I was just a mind floating around the rooms.”


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