Draw the line; home, pets and teddys down to a fine art

Whilst working my ski season in Morzine at the end of last and beginning of this year, I had the pleasure of living with the lovely and very talented Gaby, who owns Draw the line. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Gaby’s work whilst we were in France and was gifted the most stunning illustration of the view from our balcony window – the Nyon Télécabine – for my 21st birthday! So I thought I’d do her a little tribute post as a thank you… and also because her artwork is positively marvellous.

Gaby is currently using her watercolours to put those special places or fluffy friends of yours down on paper, and is taking commissions for original pieces of artwork; pets, stuffed toys and homes – take your pick. As an owner of one of her originals, I can highly recommend. In fact, a good couple of the others we lived with in France have already taken her up on the pet and teddy portraits. Still, even if you don’t fancy getting anything, definitely give her a follow on Instagram @_draw.the.line_ Posted is a whole array of work, including a few videos of her art in progress which are always very therapeutic to watch. This is coming from a massive Bob Ross fan, and if you don’t know who that is then you absolutely NEED to go and check him out on Netflix.


Your home, because our houses are the little sanctuaries keeping us safe right now, and it’s nice to appreciate them

Gaby Harrison


Lockdown if nothing else has surely given us a whole new appreciation of the fluffy fellas providing safe hugs to a socially isolated nation

Gaby Harrison


Yours (or your loved ones’) pets, because they too are immune to human snuffle-bugs and should be celebrated for their power to spread virus-free joy

Gaby Harrison

To inquire about prices and get more information please contact:



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